John Kuder, owner of House of Vacuums In Chester County Pennsylvania is always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to clean your home with a vacuum, but when he saw this article from Oklahoma City, OK (WCMH) it made John pause:

Crutches and a vacuum cleaner turned into weapons for one mom when she found a burglar dangling from her window.

Natalie Williamson was surprised to find the burglar dangling from a window in her home.

“I took the vacuum and I hit him a couple of times,” said Williamson. “Whatever I could find, anything is a weapon in my house or in anybody’s house.”

She said she started with a crutch and then moved on to the vacuum cleaner.

“I start slamming him in the face with it, and he wouldn’t get down. So I picked up a vacuum and started slamming him in the face with the vacuum,” she told KOCO-TV.

She said she finally forced him back out the window before chasing him outside with a butcher knife. Other neighbors helped hold the burglar on the curb until police came.

William said it was all about keeping her daughter safe, “It was scary, and then my baby is in there, so see, that’s scary.”

When you’re in the vacuum cleaner business for as long as John has been, It takes a lot to surprise you when it comes to innovative ways to use a vacuum.  This story did the trick. Defeating an attempted burglary with a vacuum cleaner is a new twist that can be used when demonstrating a vacuum cleaner to a potential client.  For all of your vacuum cleaner and floor care needs, and now “burglar deterrent”  needs as well, visit John’s House of Vacuums in Kennett Square, Pa.