John’s House of Vacuums is Chester County’s Top Central Vacuum System Dealer

A Central Vacuum System represents the very best vacuum cleaning technology available today.  Central Vacuum Systems are built into your home and are a significant improvement over traditional vacuum cleaners found in most homes.

Central Vacuum Systems are significantly more powerful than traditional vacuums, exhaust 100% of their dirty air outside of the living areas of your family’s home and typically last for 30 years or more.  A central vacuum not only cleans better, its an investment in your home and the health of your family.

Kennett Square Central Vacuum System
How a Central Vacuum Works


A Central Vacuum System is powered by a large suction motor mounted in your garage or basement area.

Powerful suction is distributed throughout your home by a series of built-in 2″ piping that runs through your home.  

By connecting a lightweight vacuum hose and tools to designated suction inlets, dirt, dust and debris are powerfully removed from surfaces throughout your home and deposited in a container attached to the suction motor.  100% of dirty residual air is exhausted outside of your family living areas.  


John’s House Of Vacuums Can install a Central Vacuum System in existing homes as well as homes under construction. For more information or a complimentary estimate, give us a call today.

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